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Local superintendents, educators rally to oppose panel grad proposal 17-11-2017 23:00
Chamber honors community leaders 17-11-2017 23:00
AUBURN — Pillars and promoters of the community received honors from the DeKalb Chamber Partnership Thursday night.
Antibullying video project in the works 17-11-2017 23:00
Get Schooled provides insight into local teens 17-11-2017 23:00

Area News - WANE-TV

The Graduation Pathways Panel was established to create an educated and talented workforce able not just to meet the needs of business and higher education, but able to succeed in all post-secondary endeavors.”
The Allen County Commissioners are pledging $2 million and a portion of a downtown parking lot to the soon-to-be-built boutique hotel.
Four people were arrested Monday in an investigation into people distributing Cocaine and Methamphetamine in Defiance County.
The Electronic Device (ELD) Mandate goes into effect for the trucking industry Dec. 18. Some truck drivers want the President to file an executive order to stop it.