VIP Text Club

95.5FM The HAWK is making your mobile phone your source for everything HAWK! Join now and get the hook-up DIRECTLY ON YOUR PHONE!

Periodically you'll get:

  • HAWK Mobile Coupons: giving you instant gratification and the ability to get FREE stuff or discounts at a business just by displaying your mobile phone!
  • HAWK Mobile Secrets: we'll tell you (and only you) exactly when to listen to 95.5fm The HAWK to win prizes OR exactly when and where to get hooked up by the HAWK on the streets!

To join, simply text TheHawk to 90210.  It is that simple.  Soon you will receive a welcome message from The HAWK.

The HAWK VIP Text Club FAQs
I didn't get my welcome message. Why?
Make sure your phone is on and has a signal. If it is and does, double check with your carrier to make sure that text messaging is enabled for your phone.

Where does a message go if the phone is shut off?
Text messaging works much like voicemail in this regard. If the phone is off, the message will be stored in your mobile inbox. When the phone is turned on, you will see a new text message waiting.

Do I need to have a specific phone or service to receive my messages?
Most phones are now equipped to receive SMS messages. However, it all depends on the phone and service your listeners are subscribed to.

Will I be charged for the messages I receive?
This depends on the plan you signed up for with your mobile carrier. Depending on the messaging plan you have, there may or may not be a fee to send or receive messages. 95.5fm The HAWK is not charging you to receive messages or to send messages to us.

What if I want more info?
To request more info simply text "Help" to the shortcode 90210.

Who should I contact if this document doesn't answer my question?
If you have any questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be sure to include your name, e-mail address, mobile number, cell phone carrier, and specific problem, question, or concern.

95.5fm The HAWK respects your privacy and will never sell your personal data.